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What Good Is A Freakin’ Password If It’s Not Private?

Outside the street’s on fire in a real death waltz
Between flesh and what’s fantasy
And the poets down here don’t write nothing at all,
They just stand back and let it all be Continue reading

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Cell Phones Prove Welfare Doesn’t Work – Faux News

A cop stopped one of my street bros once and said. “I thought you were homeless.” When my friend replied in the affirmative, the cop asked, “If you’re homeless, why the hell do you have a cell phone?” My friend … Continue reading

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ANON Blocks Spanish Police Website — Threatens To Hack Parliament

Anonymous Operation Spain – Press Release Tuesday – September 25, 2012 5:30 PM ET USA Greetings World Anonymous sends it’s solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Spain who at this very moment have completely surrounded the Parliament Building in … Continue reading

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Tech Talk For Low Lives – What Are You Paying For Electrons?

I’m going take a little break from street talk to do some tech talk, the tenuous connection being that there are unadvertised ways to free yourself from corporate shackles in the digital word.  They are unadvertised because they are free. … Continue reading

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Maryland Cops Use Surveillance Cameras to Surveil … Surveillance Cameras

Apparently unfamiliar with the mathematical concept of exponential growth, nor aware of how pyramid schemes got the name, Maryland Sheriff, Major, Chief (or some other important Police thingy), Robert V. Liberati got pissed off at people beating up his traffic … Continue reading

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Tech, Tweets, and Street Folk

When I was homeless, one of my favourite spots to kill time or keep warm was the local Internet café.  At any hour of the day at least half of the patrons were street folk from the local shelters.  (The … Continue reading

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