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What Good Is A Freakin’ Password If It’s Not Private?

Outside the street’s on fire in a real death waltz
Between flesh and what’s fantasy
And the poets down here don’t write nothing at all,
They just stand back and let it all be Continue reading

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Lay Down Your Guns

Browsing back through my 135 posts, I realized I never did a video from a West Islander at least not about guns.  I did a few about guns  so here are a couple more.  First April Wine, and the late Joe Strummer.

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Call For Posts For Which It Is Highly Unliky You Will Ever Get Paid

I started this blog back when I was on the street, in the Mission computer lab.  Well, not actually ON the street, but close enough.  It has always been a solo thing.  An episodic journal of life in the low … Continue reading

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CONS Balk at Tying Trade to Human Rights

So, howcum our “free” trade luvin’ CONS, who never met a shady deal they didn’t like, are balking at signing this new deal (CETA) with the European Union? Environmental concerns? Cultural Protection? No? How ’bout because the deal is dependent … Continue reading

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Ezra Levant’s Paranoia Continues To Grow

Spot The Fanatic I can’t resist sharing this gem from Ezra Levant, the omnipresent Rush Limbaugh wannabe from Stun News.   Apparently tired of single cell conspiracy theories, Rush Ezra now seems to be convinced that he’s battling not only the … Continue reading

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Anonymous Leaks NYPD Video Of “Occupy” Eviction

Anonymous, yes that one, leaked eleven gigabytes of video today from the original eviction of Occupy Wall Street protesters from New York’s Zuccotti Park on Nov. 15 of last year.  The video was shot by official police videographers and so … Continue reading

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CBC Nervous About “Fucking Stephen Harper” In Halifax

By: Rick Salerno (Xtra!) As a performer once called a “theatrical rabble-rouser” by The Globe and Mail, I’m used to causing and confronting offence, but I was nonetheless appalled to hear that my work was censored by our own public … Continue reading

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