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Fentanyl, Your Last Train Home.

When I was shuffling around the streets of lowertowm, a smart middle class boy trying to get straight, there were dangers, but none I felt afraid of for myself. There were drugs. Lots of drugs Heroin still took a few … Continue reading

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The Addict In All Us

Addiction is a psychological process, not a physical one, despite the physical symptoms. As an alcoholic I am acutely aware of this. But it doesn’t make much of a difference. When you are in pain you look for the quickest … Continue reading

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Call For Posts For Which It Is Highly Unliky You Will Ever Get Paid

I started this blog back when I was on the street, in the Mission computer lab.  Well, not actually ON the street, but close enough.  It has always been a solo thing.  An episodic journal of life in the low … Continue reading

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Cell Phones Prove Welfare Doesn’t Work – Faux News

A cop stopped one of my street bros once and said. “I thought you were homeless.” When my friend replied in the affirmative, the cop asked, “If you’re homeless, why the hell do you have a cell phone?” My friend … Continue reading

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Suicide Prevention Day: Social inequality and budget cuts are a matter of life and death

By: Samantha Sarra ( September 9, 2012 “Sadly, every person you ask from the Northern Inuit regions knows someone who has killed themselves. I personally have four cousins who have committed suicide. People you know your whole life. You grow … Continue reading

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Lay Down Your Guns – Musical Interlude

A couple of years ago, as I was recovering from near-fatal pneumonia, still wresting with addiction, I discovered this song by Leeroy Stagger and adopted it as an unofficial anthem for low lives on the road to redemption.   If you’ve … Continue reading

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To Be Or Not To Be

I don’t recall what “class” it was in, or what we were discussing, but during one of my rehab stints, where most of the clients were street folk, someone asked, “How many of you have ever considered suicide?”  Every hand … Continue reading

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