The revolution Starts … Here

Lowertown. Ottawa.  Ground Zero.  In the long  sunset shadow of Parliament Hill.  The territory is currently held by the lowlives but under constant yuppie encroachment. The Yups tried to shut done Centre 454  (too close to a brand new condo, despite the fact that the church had been there since 1877) and after years of Yups and their Yuppie lawyers battling the church, this disgustingly cowardly compromise was reached.

Google Earth_024

(To appreciate the nature of the neighbourhood, I would suggest clicking on the pic and zooming to 175%

To our neighbours,
Once the congregation has vacated, the Diocese of Ottawa plans to move a drop-in centre, Centre454, into the St Alban’s building. Neighbours, unhappy about these plans, have been expressing their concerns to the leaders of St Albans. In response, and to correct misconceptions, the leaders of St Alban’s are providing the neighbours with the following clarification:
Contrary to some reports, St Alban’s Church is not moving Centre 454 into its premises. The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa is moving the Centre in to the building after the current congregation has left.
By way of background, the Pastor and Wardens of St Albans were personally sued by the Diocese of Ottawa. As part of the negotiated settlement to drop the suit, we will change our name and relinquish the building. The current congregation of St Albans will become Church of the Messiah on July 1st and will continue to worship on Sunday mornings at the Ottawa Little Theatre. On July 1st, the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa will own the building and they will then move Centre 454 into the building. Unfortunately, the lawsuit by the Diocese required us to move and we have no say in what the Diocese does with the building once we have left. We are not part of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. The proposed move of Centre 454 to the corner of King Edward and Daly raises several issues.  The issue is not whether the Centre should exist, but whether it should be placed in this new location. As an initiative largely funded by the government and partly administered by the Anglican Diocese, Centre 454 and its funding needs should be addressed by the appropriate government bodies. If the Centre has to move due to rent issues, this funding issue needs to be openly addressed before the Centre moves to a new neighbourhood.
The second issue pertains to the original purpose of the building. In its dispute with the congregation of St Alban’s, the Diocese of Ottawa maintained its claim to legal ownership. The building, privately owned until 1877, was given in trust to the Incumbent and Wardens to maintain the doctrine and worship of the Church of England. A question may arise as to the terms of the original trust and its purpose and how a drop-in centre fits, but this is something for the Diocese to deal with as our congregation no longer has a say in such matters.
We will continue to be your neighbours and we are committed to the flourishing of the neighbourhood.  We wish the Centre well in its quest for facilities.

 During the ongoing debate, one pearl encrusted prima donna (who hadn’t even moved into her precious condo yet)  had the gall to suggest we simply move the homeless out into the country — assuming, I suppose, we’d have to build walls to keep them from returning to where the money, food, and shelter is.  This prompted a particulary outraged Priest to label her a “Nazi”.

The Yups have also managed to strangle funding for the Odawa Homeless Drop-In Centre, a critical part of the social network for native Ottawans.

In another case, just one more of growing violence against the homeless as the powers that be attempt to move them (but to where?) … a volunteer eye witness, just a teen, was so badly harassed by low level OPS that she finally broke down and refused to testify as to three cops beating the crap out of an unconscious drunken man.

The Shepherds of Good Hope is also despised by a portion of the police force because they keep getting themselves caught on camera beating people up. aaa-grey

Make no mistake about it.  This is a class war.

P.S.  I’m, worlking on a cool Google Earth version of the whole neighbourhood.  Should be cool if I have the time

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