Cell Phones Prove Welfare Doesn’t Work – Faux News


ObamaPhone (Photo credit: alexander.steed)

A cop stopped one of my street bros once and said. “I thought you were homeless.”

When my friend replied in the affirmative, the cop asked, “If you’re homeless, why the hell do you have a cell phone?”

My friend answered, “Well, I know land lines are cheaper but it’s hard finding a place to plug them in.”

The cell phone thing gets mentioned by many otherwise reasonable people who say “How can you justify paying for a cell phone when you don’t have a job”.

It never occurs to them that being unable to give a potential employer a number to reach you reduces the odds of getting a call back.  Nor have they noticed that pay phones are virtually disappearing from the landscape and only a small number of jobs take walk-in applications.

And why do all these street folk have MP3 players but no place to live?   Putting aside the fact that many of the gadgets you find on the street aren’t entirely “white” market,  by putting that “wasted” $10 in the bank every month (which won’t have you as a customer, anyway) it would still take about 12 year to save up for a month’s rent and deposit — assuming, of course, that by then you have a steady income, a clean credit record, references from 3 non-existent previous landlords,  and a co-signer.

Music, on the other hand, may help to keep one’s thoughts from straying toward suicide or taking refuge in psychosis.  Maybe not for 12 years, but on the street you live one day at a time … or not at all.

The problem … excuse me, ONE problem … with Righties is that they confuse simplistic thinking with common sense.  Ignorance is one thing.  Wilful stupidity is another.

Fox News’ Hasselbeck calls air conditioning ‘the ugly side’ of welfare
(The Raw Story)

Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Thursday suggested that welfare recipients who had air conditioning and cell phones were part of the “ugly side of entitlements.”

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