Canada’s 1% Owns 26% Of The Country

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Canadian Edition

With 422,000 millionaires, up 7.7% in 2012, Canada is now the world’s 7th largest producer of ludicrously overpaid and over-entitled plutocrats.  Our “1%” — actually 1.2% — controls 26% of Canada’s private wealth or $1.53 trillion in assets.  This is considerably more than twice our national debt.

Just saying …

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2 Responses to Canada’s 1% Owns 26% Of The Country

  1. Drakakis my old friend it is good to see you back online… hope you are keeping well. Have a joyous day Bonny L. Cameron
    (p.s. I watched the ads)

    • Drakakis says:

      Many thanks. And I am indeed. Stopped working on this after a brief hospitalization (the Muse is fickle) but started working on a novel. No reason I can’t do both! All the best 2 u …

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