(End Of Live Feed) Occupy Protest In Spain Winding Down

Click Here for live video feed.

  • Thousand of “Occupy Congress” protesters have surrounded Parliament in Madrid demanding the resignation of the government.
  • Police have used rubble bullets and batons to try to disperse the crowds
  • According to sources at globaluprising.com a CNN news team is there but CNN is refusing to air footage
  • Demonstration apparently triggered, in part, by austerity budget released today
  • Reports of at least 20 arrests, 13 injuries
  • No reports of violence FROM protester … currently several hundred protester are sitting in the street
  • The Coordinadora #25S manifesto reads: “Democracy has been kidnapped. On 25 September we are going to save it.”
  • Still thousands in the streets @ 10:45pm Madrid time
  • It’s funny to read “Occupy” posts in realtime — serious political discussions interrupted by complaints about NFL lockout and ref. scandal @ last night’s game
  • Still no major movement.  Police line holding back crowds.  Peaceful although some “occupy” reports of individuals being harassed.
  • There’s a camera streaming from right at the police lines now.
  • Police report 1 protester seriously injured.  Spinal cord injury.
  • Interview with protester in English now.  Proud that protesters resisted provocations and remained peaceful.
  • Crown seems to be dwindling.  Almost 11:30 pm in Madrid.
  • Protester says “off the record” and interviewer reminds him it’s a live stream!  Says back in 5 min..
  • Definitely winding down.  I’ll sign off now with this little slice from “occupy” chat:

5:46 PM  justdutch: about time @maus
5:47 PM  Mausiklein: tv news always takes a while to catch up they’ll probably report it in the morning as some minor thing
5:47 PM  Jagzs: Gtg )got to go) SOLIDARITY from Westcoast/US!  ❤  =]
5:47 PM  KRAZEEKOZ: govt takes from letter carriers 5bil-  http://tinyurl.com/92rfr4h
5:47 PM  KRAZEEKOZ: every yr
5:47 PM  Mausiklein: the coverage they gave it on Nu.nl was pathetic really
5:48 PM  StopGap: The people of Spain comprise one category of substance (ousiae) existing independently (man, tree) and nine categories of accidents, which can only exist in something else (time, place)
5:48 PM  Mausiklein: they made it sound like it was a minor conflict
5:48 PM  Crusader1954: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. John F. Kennedy
5:48 PM  Mausiklein: instead of a riot that’s still going on
5:48 PM  Capt__Obvious: Can I just imagine things and they become “real” in subjective reality?
5:48 PM  BeNice2Somebody: just want to say I shall return & I am so glad to know that others are waking up to the real reason that the world is in such a mess

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