Ezra Levant’s Paranoia Continues To Grow

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I can’t resist sharing this gem from Ezra Levant, the omnipresent Rush Limbaugh wannabe from Stun News.   Apparently tired of single cell conspiracy theories, Rush Ezra now seems to be convinced that he’s battling not only the “Media Party”™,  but the courts and big business as well.  Convinced that “Canada’s liberal elites love” Omar Khadr “with a love that no facts or arguments can shake”,  Ez rejects the notion that Khadr’s repatriation has anything to do with respect for human rights and the integrity of our government and the value of Canadian Citizenship.

It’s the media-legal industrial complex that is so devoted to their theory that Khadr is an innocent young pup that they will discard any facts that conflict with their theory.

I’ve never met Mr. Khadr — nor am I privy to the machinations of the shadowy “elites” Ezra speaks of — so I can’t speak of this “love” that has somehow bloomed despite Mr Khadr’s virtual invisibility.  It doesn’t seem unreasonable to me, however, that a 15 year-old in a firefight in a foreign combat zone might fit the definition of child soldier.

Not so, says Ezra.  He was born evil.  “You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to be afraid of Khadr”, he says.

Which leads me back to my theory that Ez was bullied as a child and suffers from severe paranoia as a result. Where’s my evidence?  Hey, you don’t need to be a psychiatrist to get inside the head of a fanatic.

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