Anonymous Leaks NYPD Video Of “Occupy” Eviction

Anonymous, yes that one, leaked eleven gigabytes of video today from the original eviction of Occupy Wall Street protesters from New York’s Zuccotti Park on Nov. 15 of last year.  The video was shot by official police videographers and so far we don’t know how Anonymous acquired the raw footage.  Until now, most of the video from this event was shaky low-res cell-phone footage from participants.  Police had already escorted “Official” media away from the conflict zone before the eviction raid began.

As usual, the leaked documents were uploaded to pastebin along with a detailed explanation as to context.  The message begins:

Citizens of The internet.

Have you ever been filmed by the police and wondered what their footage looked like?  Well you’re in luck!  Because today we release to you a cache of hours Zuccotti park raid footage. Brought to you by the N.Y.P.D. TARU!   [Technical Assistance Research Unit — Ed.]

As many of you know, the N.Y.P.D denied freedom of press the night of the Zuccotti raid by kicking out the media and keeping them two blocks away.  They also detained and arrested several journalists.  Much of the video being released is edited by the NYPD, and at times the edits are quite blatant, probably trying to cover up their brutality.

This first video is a short, edited introduction (a trailer, if you like) by Anonymous:

This next is a longer, 16 minute segment which gives the viewer a feel for the events of that evening that rapid cut & splice commercial media clips generally do not.

The pastebin account to access the raw footage is here and there is a playlist of segments released on YouTube here.  Finally, you can get a more detailed background from The Dissenter @ Fire Dog Lake.

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