Ontario Dead Last Amongst Provinces In Funding Social Programs.

An Ontario-wide coalition of more than 90 groups and organizations concerned with growing inequality released an unprecedented new report today showing that Ontario has sunk to last place in Canada when measured against every important social indicator.

“Most people would be shocked to know that Ontario has seen the largest increase in income inequality and the second largest jump in poverty rates in all of Canada,” said Ontario Federation of Labour President Sid Ryan. “By cutting vital programs instead of reversing a decade of corporate tax cuts, the government is handing our wealth over to bankers and CEOs. It is exacerbating inequality.”

“Within two years, Ontario has fallen from seventh place to dead last in funding for all social programs. Ontario residents are paying the shortfall in hundreds of ways: we have the highest tuition fees and school fees, the highest proportion of out-of-pocket health care costs, a burgeoning array of user fees, and thousands of families wait years for support for children with disabilities,” said Natalie Mehra, Director of the Ontario Health Coalition and the principal author of the Report. “Ontario is at the cusp of a five-year plan for cuts to jobs and services that will cleave an even deeper divide. But there are alternatives and five years of further cuts is not the solution.

The comprehensive report pulled together national research demonstrating that Ontario is at the bottom of the pack when it comes to equality and social programs and that a growing number of Ontarians are falling behind in the economy. The report found that:

  • 40% of Ontarians – fully 600,000 families – are struggling with incomes that are stagnant or declining;
  • Ontario funds all of its social programs – including health care to education – at the lowest rate in Canada;
  • While poverty rates fell in five provinces, Ontario had the second highest increase in poverty rates and intensity, leaving 393,000 children in poverty (one in seven);
  • Ontarians pay the highest school fees, out-of-pocket health care fees and tuition fees in the country; while
  • Ontario has led the country on cuts to corporate and income taxes.

Download a full copy or a 15 page “fact sheet” summary of the report.

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3 Responses to Ontario Dead Last Amongst Provinces In Funding Social Programs.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Canada SUCKS!
    They are the most useless & stupid (shit) country (& their greedly & dirty people).
    Canadians are scum, dumb morons & brainless assholes.(Ugly past & people)
    All Canadians must be removed from this face of this planet.

    [Editor’s note: The word SUCKS is repeated another 415 times]

    • Drakakis says:

      Apparently this young gentleman from Singapore (else it’s a proxy) has had less than pleasant experiences with Canada or Canadians. I humbly apologize on behalf of the entire country for your bitterness because that’s what we do. Apologize, I mean. Sorry about that.

    • Drakakis says:

      I rather take offense to the term dirty. We’re actulluy quite well groomed

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