16 Year-Old’s School Project Earns An A✚ — And A Visit From The FBI

This beautifully produced clip is from a video project that 16 year-old Jesse Hallman did for his high school American Government class.  Ironically, his documentary on the dangers of state interference and the suppression of democratic rights earned him a visit from the FBI.  Even more ironically, Justin claims that the visit was, at least in part, an attempt to recruit him into the officially non-existent spook war on hacktivists and the Occupy movement.

“They wanted me to be an informant, to possibly put my life in danger, to help them arrest and gain intel on occupy protesters and hackers.”

While I tend to be a little sceptical of conspiracy theorists and their paranoid Jason Bourne complexes, Justin would appear to be the real deal.  His video touches upon just the sort of sensitive topics that would trigger overzealous and undereducated G-men into action.  On the other hand, the presentation of the video was hardly surreptitious and the fact that Justin’s other YouTube videos are about video games doesn’t really seem to fit the Ted Kaczynski type anarchist profile.

It’s hard to be less disingenuous than this:

Hi, my name is Justin Hallman. I made this video for a project I had to do for my American Government class, my teacher, Mr. Sparks liked it so much that he gave it a score of 45/35 points or 128%! I’d like to share this video with you to see how other people like it. So please enjoy the video and remember to rate it if you can  🙂 .

As creepy as Justin’s description of the FBI visit may sound, there is always the possibility that this is just the FBI’s inept stab at campus recruiting.  This kid obviously has a talent for synthesizing disparate types of information and, really, is it that much different than a college football coach dropping in on the high school team’s talented quarterback?   Of course football coaches don’t generally steal your identity and brainwash you into becoming an international assassin.  At least I don’t think they do …  do they?

  • Δρακακις

More: FBI questions 16-year-old over Youtube video | National News – MIX 107.7.


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