“Rise Against” Waits On Ottawa’s Homeless

Chicago punk rockers and eclectic activists, Rise Against, explored a couple of new venues during their latest trip to Ottawa.  Last night’s show at the CE Centre (out by the airport just a few miles past the boondocks) wasn’t the first rock concert to occupy the spanking new corporate convention centre (George Thoroughgood & The Destroyers played there in June) but it did seem a little incongruous.   Their hardcore punk,  hardcore politics show – which also featured  The Gaslight Anthem and Hot Water Music –  is probably not the sort of event the real estate moguls of the Shenkman Corporation figured would fill their coffers but, hey, rock money is still real money.

Earlier in the day, however, the boys were much more in their element as they served lunch at The Ottawa Mission homeless shelter,  a fine dining establishment I remember rather fondly from my season on the streets.

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Last summer, Rise Against played  Ottawa’s high profile Cisco Bluesfest .  In previous years they performed at Landsdowne Park’s Civic Centre and the small, but trendy Capital Music Hall — which gives me an irresistible segue into a plug for my daughter’s band, Sarah Peterson & The Vision, who won last year’s LME Showcase competition at that very venue.

But back to the subject at hand …

Apart from from having their own line of shoes (entirely, vegan, of course, with no animal products used nor sweat shop workers employed) Rise Against walks the anti-capitalist, pro-animal rights walk they talk.  I can’t help but wonder, though, how the boys down at the Mission liked their vegan lunch?  Street folk are generally a red meat crowd.

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