Royal Canadian Mint Wants Cut From CD With Pennies On The Cover

“On the back cover is a sunset with the sun as a penny setting below the horizon. On the inside of the package is a lithograph image of an old steam train, which is another important part of our vanishing Canadian heritage. The wheels of the train are little pennies.”

The Mint has waived royalties on the first 2,000 CDs of  “No More Pennies” but wants a piece of the action if  Dave Gunning sells any more copies of his tribute to the vanishing Canadian penny.    Should he make another 2,000 copies, the Mint will ding him for $1,2000.

You though the RIAA and the MPAA were bad?  Hollywood’s got nothing on Canada’s bureaucrats.

We have helped this guy out by giving him a break,” Alex Reeves, communications manager for the Royal Canadian Mint, said Tuesday.

Gunning is urging his fans to bring pennies to his fall concerts “to send a message to the Canadian Mint” and he, in turn, will make a donation of his own to the children’s hospital in Halifax.

If this seems as ludicrous to you as it does to me, post your own pennies somewhere and report yourself to

READ MORE: Nova Scotia musician warned by Mint for using pennies on CD cover –


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