What about the $526B? – Toronto Star letter of the day

Published on Tuesday August 28, 2012

The Star does the best job of any paper across the country giving readers both sides of the story. That’s why it’s baffling to read its coverage of the current teachers issue, or of the fight for a higher minimum wage, or of organizations pleading for a more humane rate for individuals on social assistance.

What about the “$526 billion gathering dust in Corporate Canada’s treasury (mentioned by David Olive on Aug. 25)? Are we to believe there is no connection between these corporate billions (described by Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney as “dead money”) and the miserably low minimum wage or the million Canadians suffering poverty?

Years from now, historians will look back on this period as being more than mean-spiritedness. They will see it as a malicious regime in which millions suffered while mainstream media looked the other way.

Bert Deveaux, Toronto



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