A margin of error could not be calculated. Do tell?

Pogge with another “Sun burn” … or as blogger Antonio Zerbisias calls Fox’s li’l Canadian cousin, “StunNews”;

By pogge on August 22, 2012 10:36 AM
 This is from the final paragraph of a Toronto Sun story reporting on a poll that reveals Canadians really don’t want Omar Khadr back in the country.

As the survey respondents were not selected randomly but were drawn from an online panel of more than 150,000 Canadians, a margin of error could not be calculated. The pollster weighted the survey sample by age, gender, region and education level according the most recent census data.

Translation: we know this poll is hopelessly tainted by selection bias and we have no intention of standing behind it by offering anything as definitive as a margin of error. But we’re going to go through the motions of making it look like a serious piece of work and base a news story on it anyway.

With Ezra Levant leading the charge, the Sun newspapers and their toy television network have spent months demonizing Khadr and trying to convince everyone that the moment he crosses the border, he’s moving in next store to you where he will immediately begin plotting some fiendish act of terrorism.

This article and the attendant poll don’t objectively measure Canadian opinion as much as they measure Sun Media’s success as propagandists since the people who are supposed to be doing journalism have made themselves part of the story.

Original Post at POGGE.

Sorry, Sun, but what you’ve got here isn’t so much a survey as a lynch mob.

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