Shot in the head while handcuffed in a patrol car. Suicide?! WTF?

Full-tilt, apoplectic, face-palming, gob-stopping, wide-eyed in disbelief.

Autopsy Rules Chavis Carter’s Death A Suicide

The state crime lab released the autopsy report from the death of 21-year-old Chavis Carter, who was shot in the head while handcuffed in a patrol car July 28th. The autopsy found the muzzle of the gun was placed against the right side of his head when it was fired. Carter’s death has been ruled a suicide, “based on autopsy findings and investigative conclusions from the Jonesboro police department.” The police released dashboard camera video last week, but the footage did not capture the actual gunshot or the discovery of Carter’s body.

Re: the video:   On the footage, we hear Marsh ask if Carter has ID before patting him down and escorting him to the back of the patrol car. From inside the cruiser, we hear an officer quiz Carter once again about his ID. Also in this video, we can clearly see a bag of what is reportedly drugs sitting on the hood of the cruiser. What is not clearly seen or heard on the tape is a gunshot. Nor is there any dash cam video or audio of officer Marsh finding Carter shot in the backseat.

Re: Eye-witnesses:  An eyewitness recalled, “The other officer jumped out the car, ran and opened two back doors of the vehicle and next thing I know that’s when the ambulance pulled up but other than that I didn’t hear a gunshot or nothing like that.”

(Why no video?  Was it turned off against policy?  If so, why?   Having been in handcuffs myself,  I can assure you it is damn near impossible to shoot yourself in the foot, much less hold the muzzle to your head.  And how did they miss the weapon during a frisk?  The only place Chavis could have reached it while cuffed would have been in the back waistband of his pants which is the FIRST place a cop would check.   The stink of corruption here is sickening. – Δ)

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