Free Market Medicine … Working for the homeless?

From the LA Times:

Hospital accused of dumping L.A. homeless woman to pay $125,000 fine

March 18, 2011 | 7:30 am

Four years after an Inglewood hospital allegedly dumped a woman with chronic lung problems at a West Los Angeles homeless shelter, the hospital’s owner has agreed to settle a lawsuit by the L.A. city attorney.

The hospital’s owner will pay $125,000 in penalties and charitable contributions and will abide by rules forbidding such practices at medical facilities it owns.

Centinela Freeman Holdings is the latest hospital group to be pursued by the L.A. city attorney for allegedly dumping patients at homeless shelters without following the required discharge procedures.

The lawsuit stems from an incident in February 2007 when Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center’s campus in Inglewood discharged a woman in her 60s with chronic lung problems at the temporary winter shelter at the West L.A. Armory. City attorneys said the woman was carrying an oxygen cylinder when she was found by authorities.

Centinela Freeman no longer owns the Inglewood hospital but does own the Marina del Rey Hospital, where the agreement will be enforced. Since 2006, the city attorney’s office and Los Angeles Police Department have uncovered hundreds of cases in which patients were dumped by hospitals across the region at facilities in skid row and other homeless shelters. In one case, College Hospital of Costa Mesa dumped more than 150 patients.


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