Sisyphus’ War

Don’t do drugs because if you do drugs you’ll go to prison, and drugs are really expensive in prison.

  • John Hardwick
The war on drugs is a ludicrous pissing contest between the drug cartels and the armed enforcement agencies of government with civilians caught smack dab in the middle.  With these powerful little armies entrenched on either side, almost all of the damage is “collateral”.
The most recent campaign by the Ottawa Police Service last summer was tagged “Project Woody“.  (I shan’t speculate on the origins of the name).  Of 84 street level dealers targeted, half were arrested and “$68,000 in illicit drugs and $9,500 in cash” were seized.  Given that the drug trade in Canada is estimated at about $18,000,000,000 dollars you can guess how badly the trade was disrupted by this little sortie.

Project Woody Tactical Map (Eyes Only) - OPS

Det. Ellis Carver: Split ’em wide.
Det. Thomas Hauk: The Western District way.
Det. Ellis Carver: A’ight.
Shakima Greggs: You rogue motherfuckers kill me. Fighting the war on drugs, one brutality case at a time.
Det. Ellis Carver: You can’t even call this shit a war.
Det. Thomas Hauk: Why not?
Det. Ellis Carver: Wars end.

  • The Wire

“The current environment is so polluted with hysteria that nothing rational can happen to solve the drug problem. Until we’re able to get the facts into perspective and debunk the myths, we’re just not going to make progress and effectively deal with these issues.”

  • Georgette Bennett

“If the government can’t keep drugs away from inmates who are locked in steel cages, surrounded by barbed wire, watched by armed guards, drug-tested, strip-searched, X-rayed, and videotaped – how can it possibly stop the flow of drugs to an entire nation?”

  • Ron Crickenberger

“As long as the government can arbitrarily decide which substances are legal and which are illegal, then those who remain behind bars for illegal substances are political prisoners.”

  • Paul Krassner, 1999

“Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging than the drug itself.”

  • Jimmy Carter

“The growth of drug-related crime is a far greater evil to society as a whole than drug taking. Even so, because we have been seduced by the idea that governments should legislate for our own good, very few people can see how dangerously absurd the present policy is.”

  • John Casey

“Stop wasting jail space on prostitutes, drug users and other victimless criminals. Even if we find it morally acceptable to imprison these people for choices they make regarding their bodies, we must realize that we simply cannot afford to continue clogging the court system and the prison system with the harmless ‘criminals.’ ”

  • Edward B. Wagner

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