To Serve and Protect?

Well, here we go again.  As the cops close ranks to defend themselves against the $1.2-million Stacy Bonds lawsuit,  yet another video of police brutality comes to light.  This one occurred less than a month ago, a block and 1/2 from where I write this now.

It would seem that systemic brutality is not the only serious problem facing the OPS.  They might have a look at systemic stupidity as well.

What part of public service don’t they understand?

This next video is mislabeled.  It has nothing to do with the Bonds case but it illustrates one type of police behaviour I’ve witnessed myself.  The police seem to believe that the law is whatever they say it is.  On their streets, every cop has the right to anonymity.    Again, what part of public don’t they understand.   I’ll weigh in later with my own feelings about the cops and the outerclass.  It may not be as simple as you might think.


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