The Bonds Affair

Do cops have a double standard when it comes to procedures and charter rights?  One for Rockliffe and one for Rideau Street?

One aspect of the Stacey Bonds case that the media glosses over is that she had been told by the cops that she could leave and go home.   It was only after she asked them why she was stopped that Rambo and Rambette pulled the SWAT on her. Obviously, if they were sending her home she wasn’t under arrest and therefore couldn’t be resisting.  Unless, that is, the cops consider verbally asserting one’s rights to be resisting.

And that’s precisely the story I hear over and over down here …  that the cops are merely rude and rough until you talk back, then it’s all bets off.

The general reaction to this scandal from street folk, from the ‘outer class’, was, “Well, duh. Of course the cops beat down for no reason.”  Most find it amusing that the middle class get their knickers in a twist over something that happens every day out of sight of civilians and security cams.

In any case, our memory is short.  The Shepherd’s security cam caught one of our finest in flagrante not too long ago.  Then there was a women pinned against a car hood and punched while immobile, a drunk beaten up on Bank St. in full view of Citizens, and a  cabbie dragged from his cab and beaten by an off-duty cop.   All forgotten.

One day I had to explain why I was late, that I had just come back from the cop shop on Elgin.  Buddy says, “Bullshit! Where are your bruises.”


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