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Patti Smith’s Lettuce Soup Recipe for Starving Artists | Brain Pickings


by Maria Popova

Patti Smith, who was practically homeless for years before becoming a successful artist and then a cultural icon, reads her lettuce soup recipe for starving artists

Patti Smith’s Lettuce Soup Recipe for Starving Artists | Brain Pickings.

“We hadn’t much money, but we were happy.”

Reconstructionist Patti Smith is among the most extraordinary and influential artists of the past century, her achievements consistently demolishing the artificial wall between “high” and “low” culture by spanning from Billboard Chart hits to poetry inspired by Rimbaud and Blake, from CBGB to London’s Trolley Gallery, from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to the National Book Award.

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My Ville Marie – Now and Then

When I was a boy  growing up in Beaconsfield,  the West Island of Montreal was considered the bastion of privilege, the affluent enclave of the anglo, les maîtres chez nous! How things change …

Story by By Sue Montgomery, Photo by Phil Carpenter — The Gazette

The invisible homeless of Montreal’s suburbs (VIDEO).

The West Island, Laval and South Shore are more associated with lawns and malls than with food banks and shelters. But that doesn’t mean everyone has a roof over their heads

Of course it’s not merely the children and grand-children of formerly comfortable Montreal suburbanites who have suffered in Montreal’s decline at the hands of global economics and parochial ideologies.  It’s almost everyone who steps foot on the once-magical island.

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Je Me Souvien


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Hey Dad! Thank Your Buddies For Me, Will Ya

(Remembrance Day XCIV, 2013)


At age 17.

My father joined the Navy in ’43, at the age of 17. His part in the war was as a torpedo-man on a Canadian Corvette, the HMCS Midland, a convoy escort ship on the Atlantic  “triangle run” between Boston, New York, Halifax, and St. John’s. (Oddly, Corvette’s don’t carry torpedoes. They carry depth charges. Tomayto, tomahto). The corvette was a U-boat chaser and the Midland saw “action” several times (I’m sure it always saw action, just not necessarily violent action) and got one “probable kill” of a U-boat not far off the coast of Newfoundland. They got called in for a refit after that and the HMCS Shawinigan took it’s place on next convoy. On that run, the Shawinigan was torpedoed by Nazi U-Boat 1228 and sank with all hands lost.  85 men died but only six bodies were recovered.  My father knew many of those aboard. There’s a right place, a wrong place, a right time, and a wrong one.

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Homeless man killed in N.S. bus shelter fire

(I offer this without comment in its entirety – Drak)

Vigil for homeless N.S. Staff
Published Saturday, October 26, 2013 11:18AM EDT
Last Updated Saturday, October 26, 2013 9:32PM EDT

A vigil was held Saturday evening for a homeless man who was killed in a fire inside a Nova Scotia bus shelter, an incident that remains the subject of an RCMP investigation.

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Frat Boy Cops With Tasers Target Teens Testicles

Too many cops are like huge, strong, and dangerous 15 year olds … with many weapons and few consequences. The 1% like ‘em that way. Intelligent, thoughful cops might just figure out whose side they’re really on.

The Ottawa cops that beat a barely conscious, homeless alcoholic (a man I knew) nearly to death and then harassed and intimidated the one, young witness willing to testify in court … yes, as predicted, they got off. No consequences. At what point do the middle class take notice? Police violence is becoming epidemic as our municipal forces begin to go paramilitary.

Teen says cop violated his civil rights by shooting Taser at his testicles

By Travis Gettys
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 14:52 EDT
Taser stun gun via AFP

    A black teenager says a police officer violated his civil rights during an altercation at a train station.

    Andre Little sued the city of Richmond, California, after Officer Kristopher Tong pointed a Taser at his groin and fired the stun gun at his scrotum.

    Read the rest in The Raw Story

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